• The Fight for Gay Marriage

    November 28th, 2011dbonnettgay rights, Uncategorized

    The real debate over gay marriage actually did not begin until the 2004 election cycle in the United States. The Bush campaign organization, led by political genius Karl Rove, needed a wedge issue that would both divide voters and distract from the real issues of the time such as the debacle in Iraq and the massive deregulation and tax cutting campaigns for the wealthy that would, in just two more years, nearly destroy the US economy and the gay marriage issue fit the bill perfectly. This debate continues to rage today, essentially costing the American tax payer more tax dollars than acceptance ever could. But the United States is, at least on paper, a democracy and a democracy is supposedly supposed to represent the will of the people and a democratic government is supposedly elected to represent all of the people.

    So what are the real pros and cons of legalizing gay marriage? Opponents claim that if gay marriage were legalized it would require the government to pay extra benefits, to the tune of approximately $500 million. This fact has been touted over and over by the Fox Network yet this network completely ignores that legalization would earn the State of New Jersey alone over $200 million and create and additional 800 jobs in State. It would seem that the relatively minuscule cost of $500 million (the federal government spends more than that providing toilet paper to its hundreds of thousands of employees world wide), when we extrapolate New Jersey´s earnings to the rest of the country, would not matter. This means that legalizing gay marriage would actually help the economy.

    Another argument is that marriage between a man and a woman is “traditional”. The US Supreme Court, in the 1971, actually ruled that marriage can only be legitimate if between a man and a woman because the only purpose of marriage was for procreation and raising of families. This argument is ludicrous on its face for a number of reasons. A marriage license is not necessary for procreation. Nor is a marriage license necessary for the raising of a family. People have been procreating and raising families long before the governments were even created, let alone before they became involved in licensing marriages. In the United States however many people have been indoctrinated with the idea of a certain “family structure”, the man/woman/two kids and a house with a white picket fence. This structure however is not the only possibility for any society, it is simply the one commonly used in the United States during the last 50 years. The fact is that for most of human history slavery was “traditional”. For most of human history woman were second class citizens, with no say in how the world works and arranged marriages were much more common than marriages for love. These practices were traditional for thousands of years so, following this argument we need to return to those standards.


    But the largest argument, and the one that really controls the issue, is that gay marriage is offensive to many of the largest world religions. This is yet another ludicrous argument however. First of all the only three religions that find it offensive are Christianity, Islam and Judaism, yet there are literally hundreds of different religions that are Representative in the United States. It is also true that is not gay marriage that these religions find offensive, but the homosexual act itself, which is banned in there “Holy” writings. This blog has exposed the many attacks, carried out on a global scale, by Christian groups on the homosexual lifestyle, from the creation of an iPhone application to “cure” homosexuality to the imposition of the death penalty in Uganda, to “Corrective Rapes” of lesbians in South Africa, and other atrocities. None of these attacks had anything to do with gay marriage and all were sponsored by fundamentalist christian groups.

    According to the United States Census Bureau nearly 10% of the population of the United States is openly either homosexual or bi sexual. These are people who are prominent political leaders, like James Hormel, entertainers like Ellen Degeneres, news media commentators like Rachel Maddow, pharmacy technicians, truck drivers, doctors, lawyers, business leaders and and even people who are currently living in “traditional” families. Homosexuality is now legal in all 50 states and the only thing that legalization of gay marriage would actually change is that these citizens would be allowed to receive the same legal benefits as heterosexual couples with respect to benefits and maintaining families.

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