• Uganda´s Anti-Gay Campaign Continues Despite Global Condemnation

    February 7th, 2012dbonnettUncategorized

    While gays in the West and especially in the United States are cheering the Federal Court ruling this week that Proposition 8, California´s gay marriage ban, is unconstitutional, members of the gay community in the African nation of Uganda are in fear of their lives. MP David Bahati, introduced the bill in 2009 to strengthen the nations already harsh laws concerning homosexuality. Instead of mere decades in prison a person can be subjected to life without the possibility of parole for the first offense and the death penalty for two or more proven offenses. Bahati was shown by journalist Jeff Sharlet to be a member of the American based “Family”, and ultra secret conservative christian organization that uses its Brownstone on Washington´s “C” Street to influence conservative legislators. The fact that the Family has heavily financed this push in Uganda is indisputable and Bahati has said on many occasions that it was his desire to “kill all of the gays.

    Most observers expected the issue to disappear after it died before coming to debate or vote last May. But those observers underestimated the drive of this bill´s proponents. Bahati, not to be deterred and ignoring the outrage of the rest of the world, introduced the bill, with no significant changes, again this Session. Bahati has made claims that can only make one wonder about his sanity. According to the Legislator, more than $15 million has been spent in Uganda in a program designed to recruit young children into the gay lifestyle. He said that videos had been found circulating in the country that said that it was acceptable for men to sleep with men and women with women and that this proved that children were being recruited.

    While the Family insists that none of their members support this Bill, directly after Bhahati presented the idea during the Family´s Uganda Prayer Breakfast, Family member Bob Hunter gave him an interview and immediately tried to distance the Family´s involvement. But according to Jeff Sharlet, the Family has poured millions of dollars into Uganda through a convoluted chain of links and it is this money that is funding people like Bahati as well as a huge public misinformation campaign. The Family is also stressing, supporting a massive campaign launched by the Vatican, a negative campaign against condom use in one of the most AIDS ravaged parts of an AIDS ravaged continent.

    Members of the Family believe that they were “chosen by God” to lead the world to Christianity, according to Sharlet, who lived with the group at “C” Street for two years. The problem with this is that at any one time a significant part of our Congress are not only members of the Organization but live for free in the Luxurious accommodations found at the Brownstone in D.C., the home of numerous sex scandals during the last decade. Understanding that every citizen has the right to freely practice their religion, allowing an organization that clearly represents the interests of only one religious group to have such a powerful influence in your life can only lead to speculation that there might be Separation of Church and State issues. It is one thing to attend Church and support religious causes in your free time. But these men and women are actually living inside the Church and being kept in a lavish fashion using Church money. Could it be possible to believe that these human beings are incapable of being influenced by this?

    Americans can help the Ugandan people by putting the American branch of the Family out of business. This organization is posing as a Church, while its sole mission is to influence political policy and to do so under the cover of “Religious Freedom”. If any organization wishes to involve itself in politics, and this includes all religions and “Churches”, then it should pay taxes. Every voter has the right to vote their religion on election day so restricting the Churches themselves does not impinge on religious freedom. When religious organizations like this become so powerful that they can influence the politics in other nations, we have to wonder how long before the rest of the world suffers the fate of the Iranians and learns the true meaning of “theocracy”.

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